Ep. 29: Top 10 Games of 2017!

In the one-year anniversary of The Entitled Gamer, Shore, Big Trav and Paul the Lawyer reveal their Top 10 Lists for Favorite Games of the Year. The last thirty minutes of this episode are a Curses! Spoiled Again! segment, in which The Last Jedi is discussed in-depth. This podcast is hosted on The Internet Archive […]

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Ep. 20: Top 5 Favorite Games

In the 20th episode of The Entitled Gamer, Trav, Matt and special guest Paul Grote reveal their Top Five Favorite Games. TEG also premieres two new segments, It’s Overtime, a Pardon the Interruption style timed segment about Overwatch, and Eye of Shore-on, a segment about Hollywood geek news. Also in this episode, Trav’s roommate John […]

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Ep. 17: Is Prey Worth a Play?

In this bonus episode of The Entitled Gamer, Matt, Trav, and Paul discuss first-person sci-fi adventure Prey, first sans-spoilers and then again in a special Curses! Spoiled Again segment. (The first half of the episode is spoiler-free, for those worried! There are frequent warnings within the episode regarding when to stop listening before the insane ending […]

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Ep. 10: Is Trolling Ever Funny?

Matt and Trav introduce a new segment, Troll Patrol, in which listeners submit stories of online trolling experiences in gaming. Matt and Trav decide whether or not these instances are funny or in poor taste, then share some stories of their own. Also in this episode, Matt tries to explain the deeply confusing plotlines of […]

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Ep. 9: Persona Broke My Brain

After several sleepless nights, Shore reports back on Persona 5. Trav finds his behavior disturbing and uncomfortable. Also: Shore tries unsuccessfully to analyze a dream about motherhood. The guys try their hardest to explain the Persona series to laymen. Available in a variety of forms from The Internet Archive. Subscribe on iTunes for new episodes […]

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Ep. 6: Cosplay

In this episode, Matt and Trav discuss new PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guests Ashlynn Marie and Stay Classy Stephanie discuss the pros and cons of cosplay in an in-depth interview. File hosted on the Internet Archive. Subscribe on iTunes.

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