The Entitled Gamer Podcast


The Entitled Gamer is an audio podcast in which hosts Matt Shore and Travis “Big Trav” O’Brien discuss video game news, what they’ve been playing, and a weekly varying topic. The first episode is being recorded tonight and should be available within the next week.

This week’s episode will discuss recent Overwatch news, Trav being a Final Fantasy turncoat, and more. This week’s major topic is Games That Didn’t Quite Work For Us. Shore and Trav will travel through gaming history to talk about games that missed the mark for them personally.

Also in this episode (at the very end) will be a segment called CURSES! Spoiled Again! in which Shore and Big Trav will discuss the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. There will be plenty of spoiler warnings in advance (including this one), so only listen to the very end if you’ve seen the movie or don’t mind spoilers.

The episode will be posted here once it is available. It will also be available on the iTunes store.

Thanks for reading/listening, and have a happy holiday season!


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